Ported to Django-nonrel

by Subhranath Chunder

Working with the google-app-engine-django helper was proving to be of some pain. Not only did I have to write the code twice, it was also getting very hectic to test the application too! So, decided to look for alternatives. After searching through the list of alternative, which wasn't long anyway, I decided to try out Django-nonrel.

After going through it's documentations and also trying out it out, finally decided to switch the from the "django-app-engine-django" helper to the "Django-nonrel" port.

Although it doesn't yet support all of Django APIs out of the box, but still has support upto a certain acceptible extent. The best part seems to be the way in which the port is supposed to work. And being currently a very active project, it's future and prospect seems good. They're using the lastest version of Django and hacking it's core to get support for non-relational databases and the App Engine database backend.

The manage.py looks loaded with many useful common features, other than just the regular ones. Now remote login python shell to the GAE application server is just too easy. Infact the remote feature can be used with it's other subcommands too.

Overall, it seemed to be the most promising thing for my need, and thus now my application has already been migrated to use this new Django port.

I don't have to code twice now, to say the least.

As the official documentation of Django-nonrel says:

Django should mostly behave as described in the Django documentation.