Reviews42 platform Architecture

by Subhranath Chunder

Few months back, was given the responsibility to architect and deliver a community based reviews platform. The first of it's kind in India.

After initial discussions, the priorities finally came to:

  • Scalability
  • Easy to integrate with external platforms
  • Ready to port on different application platforms

Being a Django fanatic, it was my obvious tool of choice to start with, and to built a platform around it. The platform itself is now based on open source software/tools, and it's technology stack comprises of:

All these things were put together to create a SOA based software platform which is not only easy to scale and integrate with other external platforms and services, but also easy to expand into other platforms/devices.

The current platform architecture can be logically represented as something like the following:

Eventually, the Reviews42 platform made it's debut on 30th March 2012, with the launch of it's Django powered Web App, and possibly the rest of the apps will follow in the future.

Share your views about the architectural design, the nice and also the nasty ones.